Monday, March 3, 2008

Congratulations Gina!

My big sister Gina got married this weekend... Her husband Jason is amazing, I couldn't imagine a better match for her...


sarah Jane said...

did you have fun with your family?

Ha ha ha evertime i think of Gina all I can remember is that time she ruined your lego creation by stepping on it...the look on your face after she broke it was priceless... ha ha ha

Abstract Creativity said...

"Dear Diary:

Today I was eating a roti on queen street staring out the window looking at people when suddenly a familiar face shined like a light bulb. Being so humble I pointed my finger tilted my head and scrunched my face in a "you da man" fashion to the one and only Nick DG. I was expecting a "whoa! what up brooo" or even a "No, you da man" reaction from Nick but to my dismay I recieved a hand in the pocket fist gesture while walking away; needles to say i was crying inside. All these questions arose in my mind as to what would cause this lack of communicative chemistry?!:

"Did that fart i let off leak outside and cause an unfriendly feeling i the air?"

"Did i forget to take my halloween mask off yet?"

"Did my face make it onto america's most wanted and nick just didn't want to risk his booming career to be associated with me?"

"Did he just go flag down some cops??"

"Oh man i gotta get outta here..."

Nicholas Di Genova said...

Alex! Oh man, I felt so bad like 5 seconds after I saw you... I was running on a couple hours sleep and didn't quite know where I was... After I walked past i thought: "Ah shit, thats Alex, but its weird if I go back now..."

Thats it, next time I see you, we fuck...