Thursday, March 20, 2008

Book Launch info

Okok, here is the info on the book launch.

If you are in Berlin on the 28th of March, come on out... I like making friends, but I'm pretty sick so forgive me if I look and act like a crackhead... Here's the info...

And here is the gallery's contact:

Marco Schwalbe & Silke Sudau Schwalbe
Naunynstrasse 46
D-10999 Berlin

Mobile 1: 0177.646.518.2 / Mobile 2: 0178.790.590.5

And here is the gallery's website:
Intoxicated Demons

I've been talking with Marco a lot over the last few weeks, planning everything out... He seems like an amazing dude, art and design really is this guy's passion! We are doing a limited edition T-shirt for the launch as well...

Here is a photo of Marco's son wearing one of the shirts, which is pretty much the most adorable photo ever. It actually makes me want my own kid. Maybe I'll steal this one when I'm in Berlin...

So at the launch I'll have the new Die Young book, a bunch of other merchandise, and 16 small studies I've done over the last few weeks. I've mentioned them a few times on here already, but I want to thank Javier and Pablo from Belio Magazine again for all of the work they've done with the book, I think it looks really slick... For info on the book itself, follow this link.


SimplySarah said...

Hey Nicholas,

Quite amazing pictures you have up.


maluo said...

yeh im getting me a copy once i know how my economy looks in the future.

Bruno said...

Will you bring back some of those blue T-Shirt ?

tapir said...

looking forward to your exhibition and book launch a lot!
could you imagine to do a short feature for an internet-tv-station with me? it would show your works and - if you wanted to - also have an interview with you. ?