Thursday, April 22, 2010

a few things coming up…

I've just come off of a little vacation... I mentioned earlier that Jamiyla and I took an apartment above my studio, and it needed a lot of work, so I spent all of March and some of April fixing it up... It's mostly done now, and I spent the last couple of weeks back in the studio, it feels great to be back to work... I'm working on a few drawings, I'll post them when they are completed...

In the meantime, here are a couple of things coming up that I'm involved with…

The first is LIMITED: A Collaboration Project with CBE, a local producer of some really nice hoodies... Myself and 4 other artists designed a hoodie, and the launch is this saturday... Below are the details, it's a little small, so I'll quote the details. The opening is Saturday April 24th from 7:30 onwards, at 116 Geary Ave #201.

And you can see the CBE website here.

The next thing upcoming is a fundraiser that I am a part of, organized by Freedom Fighter Skateboards. A bunch of artists are making custom skateboards and they will be put up for silent auction at the opening, all proceeds going to Freeskates. The opening is May 8th, 7pm-12am, at 52 McCaul. Below is the flyer, and the board that I came up with... If you click on it it gets bigger...

You can see the Freedom Fighter Skateboards blog here.

One last thing, Jamiyla just had an article written about her in Plaid Magazine, here is the link.

Ok, that's everything for now... I should finish one of the new drawings in a week or so, I'll post it when I'm all done...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The other day I had lunch with Anne Koyama of Koyama press (the publisher that put out Wunderkammer), and she suggested that I set up a facebook account to have more contact with art people... I had an account a couple of years ago, but when I moved to NYC I spent too much time on it missing my friends back in Toronto, so I deleted it... Anyway, if you want to follow some of the work I've been doing, we can be friends:)

Speaking of Wunderkammer, the first issue is still available on my store... You can purchase it here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MARS-1 and Haitees shirt

Toronto is lucky enough to host MARS-1 at Meta Gallery for the month of April... He's been one of my absolute favourite artists for years and it was amazing to get to see so many of his pieces in person... Here is a link to the show info:

Here are a few of his pieces from the show:

On Sunday, he and the folks from Meta Gallery came to my studio to hangout for a bit... It was nice to finally get to meet him in person, and I acted like a total fanboy and got a photo with him...

Anyway, if you live in Toronto, I strongly suggest going to see his show at Meta Gallery. The gallery has recently switched locations, it's now on Ossington between Queen and Dundas. If you want to see more of MARS-1's work you can visit his website.

One more thing, I have recently donated work to, an organization that makes T-shirts, sells them, and then donates all proceeds to support Red Cross's aid effort in Haiti.

Below is the shirt, and you can buy one of the shirts (for pretty cheap), here. The only image of it I have is pretty small, click on the link to see a much larger image.