Sunday, May 6, 2007

getting started...

Carolyn moved back from Italy! Its been a long 8 months... I'm a cheeseball and here are some photos of her...

We are renting a room together north of Chinatown. We painted it bright turquoise and I have a little table I can draw on:

It's attached to an alley with some pretty awesome grafitti in it, heres one of my favourites.

Now that I'm done the work for Volta I'm getting set up to start the work for my solo show in September. Here's Andrew Wilson, this will be his 4th summer working for me as an assistant:

His first task was to clean my studio. Its become quite a wreck, it took him two days to get the job done. Heres a before and after:

Then he got excited and played with a roll of bubble wrap for awhile:

Then we hung the bubble wrap from the ceiling and glued his head to it:

Carolyn's also been around the studio. She'll be running the store from now on. We're launching a new site and stocking it up with lots of new merch. I'll post it on here when the new site is done. I notice that I'm writing in short and simple sentences. It must be because I'm sleepy.

Now that I have an apartment finally and not couch surfing or sleeping at the studio everynight, my schedual is a bit more stable so i hope to post something on here every sunday. Except I'm keeping all of the work for my solo show under wraps until the opening, and all I'm working on is the solo show until then, so the updates may be lame... i don't know what I'll write about... I'll figure something out...

Friday, May 4, 2007

work for Volta in Switzerland

Sorry for the lack of updates, for the last little while I've just been hunched over my desk finishing my work for Volta which is coming up soon in Switzerland, so I haven't had that much to post. I've got black and white scans of the work here, the actual drawings are black on cream (like my previous sketchbook-style posts), but the colour scans are on my friend's computer, all I have on mine for now are these... I'll post the colour ones on my website shortly...

There are six pieces, each section of the grid is roughly the size of a nickle, and the series is entitled: "The 528 Fiercest Creatures in the Animal Kingdom".