Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lots of Stuff I've Been Meaning to Post

Hey everyone, its been a couple of months since I last updated my blog, so I have a few things to post on here. Lots of work has been done on my show, and a lot has changed in my life in the last couple of months.

First off, here is some new work for my show, I just got the mylar pieces scanned at Uberscan, a great resource in Toronto for high quality captures of large pieces. They are a bit expensive, I literally spent the rest of my money on these scans, but they are worth it I think. Plus the people at Uberscan are incredibly pleasant to work with.

Anyway, here they are, click on them to make them big, the files are pretty large. I've posted a couple of these on here before, but I want to show the grids together because they are meant to be seen together, and wanted to put a good scan of the Kelpie up.

'Wandering Desert Demon', 37.5" x 32"

'Kelpie', 24" x 24"

'Cthulhu Toad', 24" x 24"

'Domesticated Chimera', 24" x 32"

'221 Carnivores', 14" x 18"

'221 Herbivores'. 14" x 18"
'900 Terrestrial Invertebrates', 14" x 14"

'900 Terrestrial Invertebrates', 14" x 14"

'10 000 Vertebrates', 46" x 46"

The next thing is a couple books that my art is featured in. Instead of copying out the whole press release, I just pasted links to them.

You can purchase a copy here.

There will be a book release and signing in Paris sometime in late October, which I think I will miss by only a week or so:(

You can purchase a copy at the link above.

In October, I will be taking part in a group show at Galerie Dukan et Hourdequin in Paris, and the next month is my solo show at the same gallery. Below is the press release for the group show. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it there in person because I'll be finishing up the rest of the work for the solo.

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously
Group exhibition
October 19 - November 5, 2011
Opening: October 18, 2011 / 4 - 11 pm

dukan hourdequin gallery is pleased to present Colorless green ideas sleep furiously, a group exhibition including about ten artists with hybrid, syncretic, psycho-plastic practices: Emmanuel Barcilon, Josef Bolf, Folkert de Jong, Nicholas Di Genova, Bayrol Jimenez, Olivier Masmonteil, Yigal Ozeri, Alicia Paz, Narcisse Tordoir, Craig Wylie.

« Colorless green ideas sleep furiously » is a sentence composed in 1957 by Noam Chomsky, American linguist and philosopher. In
Syntactic Structures, he uses it as an example of a sentence that has never been spoken before, syntactically correct but semantically nonsensical.

Meaningless at first sight, this haiku echoes the current chaos and is not only grammatically correct. The liberty that confers language enables to create concepts which grasp the real better than analyzing it. The oxymoron gives free rein to the thought and as silence can be eloquent, ideas can be green, green without color and sleep, but furiously! As poetry springs up with images, this exhibition tends to stimulate our poetic, metaphorical and hallucinatory abilities: the mind is always at the origin of the meaning.

Ok, here are some studio shots to end the post. The spacing and text is getting all weird on here and I don't know how to fix it, so I will end soon...

A few pieces in progress with my crappy camera phone:

Arya and Blanche, the studio rats. Arya is giving Blanche a piggy-back while they are eating carrots.

The little table beside my drafting table:

I like the title of this book:

I got an autographed photo of my hero, David Attenborough:

My crappy bedroom, which becomes my not-so-bad studio during the day. At the end of June I moved back into the studio for the first time in about 18 months, it's not the best living arrangement, but it looks like I'll be moving into Team Macho's for the third time in November, it should be fun and disgusting at the same time. My studio mates will be happy not to have to face me half asleep in my underwear every morning.