Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MARS-1 and Haitees shirt

Toronto is lucky enough to host MARS-1 at Meta Gallery for the month of April... He's been one of my absolute favourite artists for years and it was amazing to get to see so many of his pieces in person... Here is a link to the show info:

Here are a few of his pieces from the show:

On Sunday, he and the folks from Meta Gallery came to my studio to hangout for a bit... It was nice to finally get to meet him in person, and I acted like a total fanboy and got a photo with him...

Anyway, if you live in Toronto, I strongly suggest going to see his show at Meta Gallery. The gallery has recently switched locations, it's now on Ossington between Queen and Dundas. If you want to see more of MARS-1's work you can visit his website.

One more thing, I have recently donated work to, an organization that makes T-shirts, sells them, and then donates all proceeds to support Red Cross's aid effort in Haiti.

Below is the shirt, and you can buy one of the shirts (for pretty cheap), here. The only image of it I have is pretty small, click on the link to see a much larger image.


amanda nedham said...

this is simply the best, and maybe...better than all the rest (i mean it.)


fan boy

Anonymous said...

Lol it is possible to like something without being a fanboy. A fanboy is someone who will get into heated arguments over why his/her favorite thing is better than every other thing regardless of how many arguments to the contrary are provided. There was not enough information in the last post to call the poster a fanboy - but please feel free to continue making yourself look bad if you'd like.