Saturday, November 17, 2007

everything's coming up nick...

A while back I was contacted by Belio Magazine out of Spain. They asked if I would be interested in putting a book together with them. I said shit yes, I sent them tons of images, they put a ton of work into editing and compiling the book, and now its coming out very soon.

I'm not sure how much it will cost, exactly when it will be released, or where it will be available. I do know that it will be 192 pages, full colour, and 14 cm x 15 cm.

It is part of their Die Young Book Collection, and you can see other books in the series here.

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holy cow, it looks amazing man. i want one, seriously.

last time i felt this excited was when i found a pair of adidas pistol pete's in my size. aww baby:

Andrew Wilson said...

gimme one or I'll kill you.


(for a good time)

Tyler Hilton said...

your phones fucked up.
call me at 416-759-6331.
tyler (nov 22)

TamiNoa said...

Dearest Nick, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! On this book (I WILL BE HAPPY TO HAVE AT MY SHOP-And own) and on the juxtapoz thing. Couldn't deserve it more. Im so stoked for you!!!!!