Monday, June 20, 2011

images and studio shots

Hey Everyone, this should be the last big post for a little while, unless anything unexpected comes up this summer. For the last year or so I've been working away on a solo show for Dukan et Hourdequin in Paris, and I'm now down to the three month mark, which means I basically do nothing other than work until the damn thing is done. Coming closer to the end of a deadline is always a bit rough, but in the past I've always been frightened enough to get it finished.

Hopefully I get it done this time too, and in three months I'll post an invite to my show. Below is some of the work I've done so far, some is finished, some is partially finished, and some doesn't exist yet, so instead of posting blank white photos or photos of an empty drafting table, I decided not to post those ones yet.

I'm particularly excited about the first piece, it's the centerpiece for the show, 10 000 vertebrates divided into the 5 classes, I worked on it for 18 months and just finished it this afternoon, so I'm pretty happy right now.

Here is some work, and below that some shots of the studio. The first few shots are details of the centerpiece, click any of them to zoom.

10 000 Vertebrates

Mammals detail

Birds detail

Reptiles detail

Amphibians detail

Fish detail

Angler Tortoise

221 Carnivores (I'm working on 221 Herbivores)
900 Aquatic Invertebrates (I'm working on 900 Terrestrial Invertebrates)


Domesticated Chimera

Cthulhu Toad

Burrowing Wolf

I don't know what I'm going to call this one yet. Maybe something about a lizard and... a bird.

My Studio

I bought this rowing machine off my neighbor, but there isn't enough room to use it in the studio, so I have to use it out in the parking lot and it's a bit embarrassing.

The crappy insulation-chair bed some of us sleep on when we work late.

My checklist


zorton said...

that´s awesome nick!!

Darcey Young said...

your drawings just blow me away. I love them so much. very inspiring

Jeannie said...

Good work so far Nick!! The photos don't do them justice, they're so much more beautiful in person. Hope to see them before they get shipped off!

p.s. Using a rowing machine at a park is pretty much amazing.

Keita Morimoto said...

Wow you are so awesome Nick!

Kat said...

Love your comment on the last picture. "Work hard, Don't spend Money".

Hyein Lee said...

Love your work. Congrats on finishing 10,000 vertebrates! Very exciting :D

Nicholas Di Genova said...

Thanks everyone! I'm really excited for this show, but I'm still a bit terrified...

mylifeofpaper said...

Hey chief! Been an admirer since we were both in 44 Boards in Columbus. You just keep getting better and better! Keep it up man, best of luck.



Geraldine Cawthorne said...

they are phenomenal-keep on going and be brave with that beautiful skill-I at the very least-and like ly more of the mob this side this side am intending to make Paris in November.Big love Geraldine

Ben Dugas said...

That bed really made me laugh.
So sad...

Bad Jones Rising said...

Your endurance astounds me. I hope you donpost closer to the show and with lots of Paris pictures. You will do a great job I'm sure. And don't work yourself to the point of death, if it gets too bad, just drink a beer.

nick said...

Buddy, this is crazzzyyy!!! To stay ahead of the game you gotta take it to a whole new level..Its a whole new level.....hahah

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