Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hanged & Drawn

Tomorrow night is the opening for Hanged and Drawn, a group show that myself and 5 artists I deeply respect are a part of, curated by Wil Kucey of LE Gallery. Below is the press release, and an image of my piece in the show. Come on out, look at some art and have some beer. I've seen some of the other works in the show, it all looks amazing... It's at LE Gallery, 1183 Dundas St West.











The last decade in the international art world has seen the act of drawing and graphic tendencies welcomed into the hallowed halls of arts institutions. It is more frequent that we come across artists whose practice is based in the act of drawing, or with a strong graphic sensibility. Typically sidelined as a less than serious pursuit or as a means of preparation and study, Hanged + Drawn thrusts 6 Canadian artists of inimitable skill and talent forward as the vanguard of this new generation of mark makers. Hanged + Drawn highlights artists who are forming the basis of their artistic practices in their ability to develop a drawn language. These artists have all been the focus of critical contemporary collectors and institutions, having shown in almost all major international art fairs and within museums and institutions across North America and Europe.

Digital catalogue available upon request.
For information, inquiries or previews, contact Director Wil Kucey: 4165328467 or

Here is my piece in the show, it's 24" x 24", ink and animation paint on mylar, titled Canopy Devil. The image gets really large if you click on it, see you tomorrow!


beebe said...

Really amazing drawing. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

love it.
you always amaze the shit out of me.

Hyein Lee said...

\( n u n )/ Can't wait to see it in person!

lee said...

I wish you had more shows in the UK! although I know it's too far away. Amazing, amazing picture.

Betzyc. said...

So ferocious <3

Anonymous said...

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