Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rudele Artist Residency

My friends Srdjan Segan and Jenny Wing Yee Tong are organizing a fundraiser to support Rudele Artist Residency, Srdjan's artist residency he is setting up in Croatia. There is a lot of great work in it, and I have a few prints. The invite and press release is below. There is also a blog featuring the works available.

Dear friends in the art community,

I would like to invite you to an art exhibition and silent auction I have organized. Happening this Saturday, April 9 at Lonsdale Gallery from 7-10, the event will fundraise in support of RUDELE ARTIST RESIDENCY - an art residency I am founding in Dalmatia.

The evening will feature a silent auction of donated artworks: drawings, prints, photos, paintings and sculptures given very generously by artists in support of my project of creating a venue for artists to convene and create projects in my ancestral home in the rural village of Rudele, Croatia, which had withstood partial destruction during the civil war of the 90s and has since been reconstructed.

The residency had its inaugural run in summer 2009, and will reconvene August 20 – September 6, 2011. The funds raised will go toward supporting home-cooked meals, supplies and local travel costs for participating artists.

To preview some of the artworks you can visit the Rudele Artist Residency's blog at

or view the event at Lonsdale Gallery's news page at

There will be refreshments and a presentation about the residency at the exhibition. Artists who are exhibiting and/or have generously donated work:

Aleks Bartosik

Erik Jerezano

Ilyana Martinez

Jenny Wing-Yee Tong

Joshua Choi

Jesus Mora

Julie Oakes

Kevin Bishop

Luke Painter

M. Eileen Murray

Michael Farnan

Momir Bulovic

Nahum Flores

Nicolas di Genova

Olga Dermendji

Oscar de las Flores

Osvaldo Ramirez Castillo

Ortanza Moraru

Rita Camacho Lomeli

Robert Farmer

Srdjan Segan

Stanzie Tooth

Tyler Bright Hilton

Victoria Cowan

Z’otz* Collective

I sincerely appreciate your interest and support and look forward to seeing you all.


Srdjan Segan

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