Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Drawing Now in Paris, Maclean's Magazine, and more stuff.

Here are a bunch of things I consider noteworthy. I should be making smaller posts more often, but I tend to forget to update my blog, until I have a bunch of things piled up...

The first thing is that I'll be participating in Drawing Now, a fair in Paris that is centered on contemporary drawing.

I'll be represented there by my gallery in France, Dukan et Hourdequin. The fair runs from March 25th -28th, you can check out more information here. Below is one of the pieces I'll be exhibiting, its pretty large, 24" x 24"...

If you click it it gets bigger, but I guess every knows that because computers have been around for so long.

The next bit of news is that I was mentioned, along with a picture, in an article in this week's Maclean's Magazine. The article revolves around the rising importance of an online identity in the art market. My friend Alex McLeod was mentioned as well, his art is fantastic. I was really happy to be included, there is something really legit feeling about being included in a magazine with such history here in Canada.

Here is the article online.

The next thing is that Jamiyla and I are now selling our prints through a really nice print shop in Paris called Sergeant Paper. You can check out our, and many other people's, prints there. They have some really nice stuff available.

Awhile back I posted about The Dazzle, a group show at Narwhal Art Projects that included myself and a bunch of my friends. The people at Narwhal just released a book containing much of the work in the show, you can purchase it at Magic Pony.

Ok, just two more things and then that's it. My friends Adrienne Kammerer and Jesjit Gill just released a book of Adrienne's drawings, its fantastic. Adrienne drew it and Jesjit printed it. I asked Adrienne how people should go about buying it, and she said to either contact Jesjit or get it from Magic Pony. It's an extremely limited edition, so if you want one, you should get it soon. Adrienne's going to take off soon, so it will probably be worth a lot of money in 10 years.

Ok, very last thing. My good friend Stephen Appleby-Barr has a solo show up at Nicholas Metivier Gallery here in Toronto. If you are in the city, you should check it out. It's a really great show. Stephen's a great guy, when I had nowhere to live a few years back, he let me sleep under his ping pong table for $50 a month. He lets me come to his studio sunday nights and we draw together. Well, we did last week, but I'm going to come every week from now on. Anyway, check it out, I was really impressed with the show, and apparently the public was as well, it sold out opening night.

Anyway, that's it, thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I'm a big fan of your frogs by the way.

Matias! said...

man awesome work
a lot of details and emotion haha !

http://matiasmendoza.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3ad0ux (this is one of "my " frogs)

Adrienne.k said...

haha... thanks for the post nick... i'll try not to forget you when i've "taken off" :)

Ronicaaaaa said...

Nick-Moneyyyyy! I am so glad you updated. Paris? I only hear great things; please write about it. I also love the frog.