Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Looking for part time intern

Hey Everyone, happy new year.

Lately I've become really busy in the studio doing things like packing orders, packing art, scanning stuff, and I've been having a hard time actually getting in full days of drawing. My solo show is looming closer and closer, and I'm getting more and more freaked out. Anyway, because of this, I'm looking for a part time intern to help me out with these tasks...

Ideally, I'm looking for an art student that is looking for some studio experience. The work is unpaid, but it is only half a day a week. I would like a student because I feel a student could find some value in this type of experience, seeing how an art studio is run and learning along the way. I did this type of work when I was in college, and I did find the experience useful. Tasks would mainly include packing and shipping online orders, preparing my surfaces for drawing, and documenting my pieces. The studio atmosphere is pretty fun and laid back.

If you are interested, email me at mediumphobic@gmail.com and we can set up an informal interview.

Happy 2011!


Britt said...

you should post this on the sheridan job board! The illustration students there need 420 hours of co-op, and you don't have to pay them, I'm sure a few students would jump at the chance to kill some of those hours.

leilani.e said...

I'd jump on that, as I need an internship placement soon, but I'm not in TO... sadly. Good luck with it!