Friday, October 8, 2010 Interview

This week I met Erin Hogue, a very talented local photographer and writer for, a website promoting skate and snowboard culture. Before the interview I warned her that I haven't been on a skateboard in about 10 years, and I could barely ride the thing back then, but she was ok with that because I've done some skate graphics over the years. She came by the studio, took some beautiful photos, we later did the interview, and here it is... I'm really happy with the way it went, you can take a look at it HERE.

Tomorrow is the gallery walk through at Narwhal Art projects, I get really nervous before talks, even short ones like this... I hope I don't mess up...

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Mitsuo Kimura said...

Hello Nick!
I just looked at your pictures from interview.
You looks very intelligent! I think you have a good ability to photogenic. Great. I will drop off your studio some other time because you guys are very busy!