Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a few things...

Here's a small list of things going on... I just woke up so I hope it all makes sense...

This is Luke Painter's work. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time shutting up about it, he's one of my favourite artists... Ok, here it is, Luke's work is so amazing...

Anyway, I've been lucky enough to get to work on a small project with Luke over the last few weeks... Luke and I made a limited edition print for the OCAD Whodunit fundraiser, it's an edition of 100 and is selling for $150... Details on how to get a print, and when the show takes place are HERE.

Here is the image:
Um, next is a shirt of mine that was just released by LaFraise. It's limited to 250 pieces, and I'm not selling it personally, but it can be purchased through their website... I decided to do it because I've received a few emails asking about new shirts, and now there is a new shirt.

Here are the images.

Next is an article that was written about my work in a Toronto monthly called Steel Bananas. I really enjoyed the article, so I thought I'd post it on here.

The author calls me out on not being able to draw teeth very well, and he/she is right... To A.M. Standish, next time I release an issue of Wunderkammer, I will pay particular attention to the teeth) I didn't know that it was obvious, but sometimes when I'm trying to draw a set of teeth in a creature, all I'm thinking is: "I'm....fucking...this...up..." Anyway, here it is.

Last thing, because I love posting photos of my niece and nephew on here, I'm going to. Right now:

I spent yesterday visiting them. In October I was supposed to see them for their birthdays, but I was sick and couldn't make it, so I gave them their birthday presents yesterday. I bought Ava a little dress, and Jack got a plaid Queen West hipster button up shirt. With a shirt like that his first tricycle better be a fixed gear. Jack seemed to take a particular liking to my hat.

Here is Jack after a long night trying to pick up at WrongBar. Click on the image, it gets bigger, and funnier.

Ok, thats it, thanks for reading!


Tony said...
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Tony said...

Pff... I'd like to see him tell a giant dog-bat that it has weak teeth to it's face.

Second attempt, Image tags and hyperlinks not allowed. I bet you know all about these anyhow. the star nosed mole


Got a shirt ordered. One happy dude here.

Andrew said...

I like the first photo of your new shirt a lot…