Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On Thursday I will be taking part in a fundraiser for an artist residency in Croatia that Andrew and I will be attending later on this summer... I'll be donating a big screenprint and maybe some smaller lithos, and Andrew will be donating a pen and ink drawing. the work will be sold via silent auction...

Here is the email that my friend Srdjan (the co-ordinator of the residency) sent out regarding the fundraiser...

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to attend ART RESIDENCY:
Dalmatia - a silent auction exhibition and fundraiser in
support of the inaugural artist residency I am co-ordinating
in Croatia this summer.

The evening will take place at Headbones Gallery on
Thursday, April 23, from 6-9 pm, with artwork at affordable
prices, Balkan food and music, and information presented
about the residency.

I hereby thank my artist colleagues and friends who have
been donating their work and time in support of this fundraiser. I look forward to seeing you.

Srdjan Segan
Host and residency co-ordinator

A Fundraiser at Headbones Gallery
Thursday April 23, 6 - 9 PM
260 Carlaw Ave. 102, Toronto

T. 416-465-7352
C. 416-565-1115


Nik Dudukovic said...

balkan food and music?!
sounds amazing.


ming-ming said...

Hey Nick!
Totally unrelated to your blog, but I was visiting Criminal Records and I saw a poster and i was like "Wow that looks like Nick's stuff..." then I decided to take a closer look and it was your stuff!
For Rock Plaza Central!
I was like "WHOA!"

To end this ridiculous tale, I almost bought the CD without any knowledge of the band, because your stuff rocks! haha!
But unfortunately, I am too broke, so it will just have to remain a memory.
Hope you're doing well!


(PS: I think I saw you in a Second Cup, and I walked past you, and almost went back to wave, but felt stupid, so kept walking.)


You're very welcome Nick. You need to drink more water! I need to drink more water......